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Green Planet

Courage Clothing has joined the "Eco friendly clothing" club to really have a positive impact on the environment. At Courage, we have true "eco" clothing which has a minimum amount of chemical treatment and was manufactured in a manner which caused the least possible environmental damage. This generally means that every step of the process of making these clothes was made more eco friendly, from growing the cotton to dyeing and finishing the fabric. More and more green fashions are being made from recycled materials as well.

Courage is committing to produce 50% of its own line using eco friendly yarns made from organic cotton and wool, or recycled synthetics made from disposables like soda bottles. These garments are free from harmful dyes, pesticides, and other chemicals, and don’t cause much damage to the earth while they’re being produced.

Courage also uses hemp which is another eco-friendly fiber that needs next to no chemicals for production and helps condition the soil. Linen fabrics, derived from flax, are cool and pleasant to wear, plus they need fewer pesticides that cotton production. Many organic and sustainable clothing manufacturers also use more ethical labor practices, removing concerns about sweatshops.

We are doing our part to save our planet with a fashion!